Comparison: LED Lenser P7.2 / P7R / M7 / L7

Comparison: LED Lenser P7.2 / P7R / M7 / L7

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For years now, I have only been using LED torches. The brightness and the remarkable duration of light have inspired me from the very beginning. Up to now, however, it has usually been quite inexpensive non-name torches that happened to cross my path in a DIY store or at the relevant electronics retailers. When I became aware of LED Lenser from Zweibrüder the other day, I quickly realized that I needed such a torch. I was especially interested in the 7-series. However, since there are different models of LED Lenser 7-series and the exact differences were not clear to me at first glance, I compared the torches with each other.


Technical differences

LED Lenser L7 M7 P7.2 P7R
luminous flux 115 Lumen 220 Lumen 320 Lumen 1000 Lumen
Lighting range 225 m 280 m 260 m 210 m
lighting duration 42 h 35 h 50 h 40 h
energietank 5,4 Wh 7,5 Wh 7,5 Wh 8,14 Wh
LED Cree XR-C Cree XR-E Cree XP-G2 Cree XM-L2
size 132 x 37 mm 132 x 37 mm 130 x 37 mm 158 x 37 mm
weight 135 g 190 g 175 g 210 g
material plastic aluminum aluminum aluminum
rechargeable no no no yes
battery Micro (AAA)
3x 1.5V
Micro (AAA)
4x 1.5V
Micro (AAA)
4x 1.5V
price ca. 25,00 € ca. 60,00 € ca. 50,00 € ca. 80,00 €
  Details Details Details Details


Which model for which purpose?


LED Lenser P7.2

The P7 and its revised successor P7.2 is LED Lenser’s most popular pocket lamp model. The P7.2 is powered by 4x AAA batteries. Although it is not officially intended for batteries, the torch works also with 1100mAh batteries without being damaged. However, the rechargeable batteries must be removed from the torch for charging. The flashlight is switched on and off via a thumb-sized red end cap switch. The large switch has a handy profile and allows smooth operation with gloves. The P7.2 has three brightness levels with 40 lumens, 240 lumens and 320 lumens (Power, Low Power and Boost modes). These can be easily changed via the end cap switch. Like its predecessor, the P7.2 with protection class IXP 4 is protected against splash water, but not waterproof.

Conclusion: The LED Lenser P7.2 has everything a robust all-rounder needs. For everyday life and occasional outdoor activities, you can’t go wrong with the purchase of this extremely bright LED torch.


LED Lenser P7R

The LED Lenser model P7R is the most powerful torch in this comparison and is the only one with a rechargeable battery. The switch-on button serves as a contact for the magnetic charge cable (Floating Charge System) and enables convenient charging. The charging time is 5 hours and the battery level can be indicated by a coloured charge indicator. The flashlight has 3 different modes – Power (1000 Lumen, 2 hrs), Normal (250 Lumen, 5 hrs) and Eco (20 Lumen, 40 hrs). The light levels can be switched off and on again quickly via the end cap switch. The order is Power/Normal/Eco. In power mode, the flashlight has extremely bright 1000 lumens. In normal mode, the flashlight still lights up with very bright 250 lumens, which is sufficient for most situations. In Ecomode it is still 20 lumens, ideal if you want to read something in bed with your torch in the evening.

Conclusion: The LED Lenser P7R is a reliable and robust “always on hand” torch, which shows its strengths with 1000 lumens and the comfortable charging possibility.


LED Lenser M7

The LED Lenser M7 is more than just a flashlight. It has a light intelligence (Smart Light Technology) which is controlled by a microcontroller and controls the discharge behaviour of the lamp. The M7 has 8 light functions (Boost, Morse, Power, Low Power, Strobe, Dim, Blink and S. O. S) + 3 light programs (Easy, Professional, Defense) which can be selected with one button. As if that were not enough, the user can choose between two cross-mode operating modes: Constant Current (constant brightness) and Energy Saving (linear decreasing brightness). According to the manufacturer, the LED Lenser M7 can be operated either with 4x AAA batteries or alternatively with AAA batteries.

Conclusion: The LED-Lenser M7 is an uncompromising torch for professional use or ambitious recreational purposes. However, the operation of the various functions is not exactly intuitive with just one button.


LED Lenser L7

The LED Lenser L7 is the entry-level model of the 7-series. Despite the plastic housing, the L7 makes a robust impression. The lamp is switched via an end cap switch at the rear of the lamp. However, it is quite stiff and requires a certain “thumb power”, which makes it difficult to use with gloves. Since the L7 has no different light modes, the switch is only for ON and OFF. The torch is powered by 3x AAA batteries, rechargeable batteries are not officially provided. The light beam is focused by means of a lamp head. Simply turn and the light cone can be changed. The torch is quite light and can therefore be carried everywhere.

Conclusion: The LED-Lenser L7 is a simple torch for everyday use. However, the quality and luminosity does not match the well-known LED Lenser models, which is not to be expected at this price.


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