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Since August 2013, Datenreise. de was also SSL/TLS encrypted on request. After this “freedom of choice” Datenreise. de is now only accessible via HTTPS, with SSL/TLS encryption. If you call the page normally via HTTP, an automatic redirection to HTTPS takes place.

Why this step?

I had been thinking about this step for a long time. In times of total surveillance by NSA & Co., where basically everything is monitored and stored, you should not serve your data on a silver platter. The secret services put every citizen under general suspicion and violate the rights of personality and freedom. For this reason, and in order to send out a small signal, I would like to set a good example. It is only a small grain of sand in the gearbox of the monitoring company, but if more and more webmasters follow, a lot has already been gained.

What do I get out of it?

SSL/TLS not only encrypts the content, but also guarantees the authenticity of the transmitted data. By using SSL, the visitor knows that he or she receives exactly the data that the server has actually sent. This is particularly important in public WLANs (cafe, hotel, airport, etc.), as data manipulation is more frequent than expected.

What changes for me?

Absolutely nothing, except a good feeling when you visit this page. The whole thing is recognizable by the protocol “https” instead of “http”, as well as by the lock symbol in the browser’s address bar. This secures all data transfers (e. g. comments, search queries, logins) to and from this page.

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