Install Linux (Debian) from USB stick

Install Linux (Debian) from USB stick

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To install Debian on a computer/notebook/server, you usually need a CD/DVD drive. Nowadays, however, there is usually no optical drive, so the installation can be started simply from a USB stick. Meanwhile, this is even my favorite method, because the stick is quickly created and more handy than an old-fashioned CD/DVD.

The first step is to get an up-to-date Debian image (9.3). I usually use the amd64 Netinstall image:

root@datenreise:~# wget

Then we can simply copy the image to a USB stick using dd. (The paths must of course be adapted to local conditions.)

Caution: All data on the USB stick will be lost:

root@datenreise:~# dd if=debian-9.3.0-amd64-netinst.iso of=/dev/sdb
247160768 Bytes (247 MB) kopiert, 33,1076 s, 7,5 MB/s
root@datenreise:~# sync

Now you can boot directly from the USB stick and start the Debian installation.

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